Data Privacy

Marbles Data Privacy

We collect data for the operation of our website, to develop our website, to develop our headhunting service and for marketing purposes.

What data are we collecting?

1) General data related to your visit for statistical purposes.

This data does not identify you personally to any Marbles system.

2) Individual data you provide to us at your free will. You provide this data on forms e.g. when you join, suggest yourself for future headhunting cases, submit a contact request, or enroll in training.

No personally identifiable data you provide will be sold or made available to third parties for marketing purposes.


Why do we collect data?

We collect data to ensure the operation of our website, to develop our website, to develop our headhunting service and to do marketing. Training registrations support the production of training content.


Data and privacy

We analyze the activities of website visitors for statistical purposes. In addition to general visitor statistics, we may record mouse movements, clicks, and other visitor data. You voluntarily provide us with any personally identifiable data (such as your email address or the URL of your LinkedIn profile).

Your data will not be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes. However, we may disclose the data to our trusted partners, if necessary, for the purpose of directing training content or to our clients for the purpose of implementing a direct headhunting service.


How do we collect data?

We collect data through cookies and forms found on the website.

It is possible for a website visitor to change the function of cookies directly from our website. Note: Disabling cookies may affect the operation of the site, which is why we do not recommend it.


The cookies we use

Our website may use both our own and third-party cookies.

Cookies set by Marbles:

These cookies are related to the operation and marketing of our website.

With the help of HubSpot, we collect e.g. information about the web address of yours, the time you first visited, since you last visited, and how many times you have visited. If you have registered on our website as a subscriber to a newsletter, for example, the data can be combined with your individual profile. We collect data to provide the best possible user experience on our site.

Our website may use both our own and third-party cookies.


Cookies used by third parties:

The analysis and marketing tools used by the website use separate cookies. The tools used are Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The stored data includes e.g. the type of browser and operating system, the source, time and duration of your visit, the number of visits, the time spent on the site, and the pages viewed. Cookies may also contain an identification number that we use to identify you (or your browser) on your next visit.

Change cookie settings


Remove cookies

Further information on the personal register and its use can be obtained from the person in charge of the register (see below).


Internet marketing

The data we collect may also be used for marketing purposes on our own website or other sites. Our goal is to market our services based on the content a user accesses on our website. We advertise our services on both our own and third-party sites. Your visit to our website may be monitored using cookies. This information is used to promote our services on other websites. Our marketing partners may use their own cookies to serve personalized ads. These cookies typically collect data about the pages you visit. Information that cannot be used to identify you (such as the length of your visit) may be shared with our advertising or business partners.


Third party websites

Our website may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the sites you access through our pages. Our privacy policy is not responsible for the information collected by third party websites.


Registry description

Registry description in accordance with section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).


Marbles Oy (Business ID: 2283407-3)

Siltasaarenkatu 12 C

00530 Helsinki

Person in charge of registry matters:

Antti Romppainen

040 557 6993

antti.romppainen (at)


Registry name:

Marbles Oy's communications register


Grounds for keeping the register

The person in the register has either a) submitted their contact information using the form at, b) represents a company that is a customer or partner of Marbles Oy, or c) has otherwise expressed its consent to be added to the register.


Purpose of the register

The purpose of the register is to carry out Marbles Oy's customer, candidate's and marketing activities. Information on current affairs or current services of Marbles Oy, such as direct headhunting, can be sent to persons in the register at reasonable intervals by e-mail. Personal data is processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

Marbles may use partners in such communications. Some registry information may be transferred to partner servers due to technical requirements.


The register contains the following information: 

Person's first and last name, email address and phone number, company represented by the person, URL of the LinkedIn profile, industries of interest to the person.


Disclosure, transfer and protection of data 

Marbles does not disclose information to outsiders. In the case of US service providers, personal data is transferred outside the European Union. However, personal data is protected as required by the Personal Data Act.

The personal data of the data subject will be destroyed at the request of the user. The removal request is sent to the person in charge of the registry (see above).


Learn more

Further information on the personal register and its use can be obtained from the person in charge of the register (see above).