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An organisation design and executive search agency

We are recruiters and organisations designers. With hundreds of projects, we are in the business to redesign work. For humans and for the future.
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Recruitment Services

Connecting the right people to the right roles

Marbles Ltd is an executive search and an organisation design company. 
We know who’s who in the digital business scene, enabling us to source the most suitable professionals in our local data, design and technology pool. 

We consult recruiting managers and HR in the new job design. We are developing new teams and new jobs in marketing and sales, data and analytics and in IT.

We support the management teams in becoming advanced with the demands of the new AI economy.

As the acknowledged local experts we have the edge when it comes to understanding the shifting landscape of digital change. Quite simply, we are the most trusted local partner to deliver top-tier digital talent and organisations.

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Organisation Design

Transforming the world of work

At Marbles, we understand that the success of any organisation lies in the strength of its foundation. We've dedicated ourselves to delivering exceptional team and job design services tailored to each client's unique needs. And our comprehensive executive search&recruitment services ensure that your organisation has more forward-thinking, capable people who align with your company's values and goals.


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Antti Romppainen

Managing Partner, Executive Search

Tel. +358 40 557 6993

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Teemu Takala

Chief Advisor, Organisation Design

Tel. +358 40 808 5819