Digital Savvy Recruitment

Data, Design and Technologies.

Marbles Ltd is an executive seach and a training company. It was founded in 2009 with one fundamental mission – to help organisations fulfil their digital ambitions.
We know who’s who in the digital scene, enabling us to always source the most suitable professionals in our local data, design and technology pool. Moreover, to fuel the constant need for digital specialists we also produce our own training programmes. 

We consult recruiting managers and HR in the new digital job descriptions. We are developing new teams in marketing and sales, data and analytics and in IT. We support the management teams in becoming advanced with the demands of the digital economy.

We connect the right people to the right roles.

As the acknowledged local experts we have the edge when it comes to understanding the shifting landscape of digital change. Quite simply, we are the most qualified and trusted local partner to deliver top-tier digital talent. 

Contact us for more information:

Antti Romppainen

CEO, Client Director

Leadership, Data, Design, Technologies
Tel. +358 40 557 6993

Minea Leva

Project Manager, Training Manager

Marketing, Management, Technologies
Tel. +358 45 133 9221

Markus Hämäläinen

Project Manager, Digital Talents

Service Design, UI/UX, Automation, Analytics
Tel. +358 50 529 8929

Melinda Mäkinen

Researcher, Digital Talents

Data, Design, Technologies
Tel. +358 40 523 4677