How to rock your IT & Dev recruitment in 2022 - and beyond

There’s a relative (I explain this in a moment) lack of skilled folk in machine learning, software development or in roles relating to the other equally cryptically named terms. Have you noticed the situation in Finland and Europe, too?

Ok, it's the relative lack of people in tech as of now. The people that are not somewhat devoted to their profession, work their basics but struggle at times a bit skillswise, they don’t have such a rosey situation searching for jobs. 

Equally, juniors that have done a pivotal further education training but don’t have a life-long obsession with computers, can find it hard to land an opportunity. And even though I am writing this in English, the job markets are still binary in Finland - many, many even renowned pro-DEI companies still secretly prefer Finnish speakers and although their rationale of paying clients preferring discussions in Finnish and what not excuses sort of makes sense, that mindset quite does not cater for the future.

And for that matter, don’t get me started about the homogenous middle or top management.

Struggle of finding skilled tech experts

Now, the future looks like an absolute lack of tech people unless low code applications become mainstream or the user experience as a differentiating factor disappears. Why might you hear yourself asking? 

When looking at the big picture of tech and software professionals, it seems that all big countries will be struggling in the future to land adequate numbers of skilled tech people. India is pretty much the only exception to this rule. If the big countries wither, ditto for Finland. But at the same time, Finland is in a unique position to be the safehaven for people keen on having a life of their own, to have a good family life. 

In certain fields companies located in Finland are the bleeding edge in the world, creating hubs that cater for future growth. So it’s not all dire. 

What to keep in mind in recruiting this year?

So, after this long intro, you might expect some concrete words somehow linking to the title! How to rock your tech recruitment in 2022? Let me do my best in the next couple of hundred words. 

It’s about vision, it’s about taking care of people.

Here’s my two cents on IT & Dev recruitment market in 2022: 

  1. Key contributors in IT, software, machine learning etc. recognize they make a large chunk of the future business possible. Team work in tech is required in literally all ventures outside the earliest of startups, which requires psychological safety to be in place. When joining a company, every Tech Wizard makes a bet on one’s market value to go up or down at the company. And the company won’t reach its potential if there’s not a clear “let’s do it” attitude in place.

    Therefore the companies should focus more on:
    a) Being nice to people - and act accordingly;
    b) Sharing their transparent and clear vision - and how to get there;
    c) Sharing the monetary results of making that vision come true in an engaging way;
    d) Making things happen.

  2. 2. The same key contributors appreciate their fellow colleagues        especially if there’s a chance to learn something new every so often, rather than being the sole proprietor of a tech. Also many skilled people really appreciate the role of sharing the expertise with others and coaching, yet appreciate the time slot to focus on this role rather than haphazardly making massive content switches all the time.

          Therefore recruitment and hiring practises should focus less on:

          a) How well the candidate knows Finnish;
         b) How well the candidate performs under pressure.

        And more on: 

       c) What the candidate wishes to learn next; 
       d) What motivates the candidate.

How to make things happen?

All the said elements can be elaborated etc., but a smart person can take it from these elements and come up with a good plan based on the above to start making things happen in recruiting IT and Dev people in 2022. 

I’d approach the 1) pointers a) - d) as core stories that need to be shared with the audience (future and current tech people). Make that happen, keep it real but inspiring. The 2) pointers c) and d) then guide you to discuss the person’s knowhow, and where to go next - or has there been a field that’s particularly inspiring. 

What about recruitment beyond 2022? That part requires you to check the introduction part to this blog post again. If it’s hard now, it’ll only get harder. 

So start hiring junior talent and set up the Company Academy™and foster a culture of top coaching, top learning. And when you get the juniors in, for the love of your own investment, make sure the pay rate proceeds quickly and transparently when skills and responsibilities start to accumulate. Ditto with the seniors - recruitment due to unwanted and to a large degree preventable turnover is rarely the preferred option. 

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